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We are not a free agency so there could be a cost to sessions. Below is a break down of the options we have available:

Family Funded Sessions:

Are you in a relationship or a single parent raising dependent children between 0-18years of age? Are you between 8-18years of age yourself?

If you are, we can offer you 4 fully funded sessions with one of our qualified Counsellors. 

As long as you make a commitment to attending all 4 sessions, and use them within a 6 week period from the date of your first session - they come at no cost to you.

Family Funded Sessions are only available between 9am - 3pm

Paying Clients:

If you do not fit the criteria above, we have low cost rates as outlined below...

Individual Counselling between 9am-3pm   -   $85

Couples Counselling between 9am - 3pm   -   $105

Individual Counselling after 3pm   -   $95 

Couples Counselling after 3pm   -   $125

NB: We only accept cash/eftpos payments on the day of your appointment.

Paywave/Contactless payment options are NOT available.

Credit Card Payments will incur a surcharge. 


If you are an Employer who is looking for support for an Employee, we offer Counselling through Raise, or you can pay directly to us. Rates are:

Between 9am - 3pm = $90+gst

Between 3pm-7pm = $100+gst


If you are on a benefit and looking for support, we can help you complete a WINZ Disability Certificate for Counselling. 

However, we require that you see a Counsellor at our Centre at least twice before we will complete the paperwork required - you may need to pay for this yourself or utilise our Family Funded Sessions first. Contact us to discuss this further. 

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